January 4th meeting by ZOOM only

Due to rising covid infections in Central Kentucky counties the January meeting of Branch 361 will be by zoom only

Fall Festival cancelled due level of COVID cases in the community.

The 2021 Fall Festival that had been scheduled for Saturday September 18th has been cancelled due to the high level of Covid transmission in Fayette and surrounding counties

August 3rd meeting via Zoom

While the hall was ready to accommodate an in person and zoom meeting, the return of Fayette and surrounding counties into the red in terms of covid positivity rate, will necessitate switching to a strictly Zoom meeting for the August…

July 13th Monthly Meeting via Zoom.

Evan though the restrooms are ready for use, because cleaning of the hall could not be scheduled before the meeting on the 13th, the July Monthly Meeting will be via Zoom. We will be back in the hall for in…

Newsletter announcement

Due to the enormous amount of time required by local negotiations in Lexington and thirteen AOs the June and July News and Views will be combined and should be mailed in mid to late June. Since this will be after…

First Reading of Proposed Bylaws amendments

The first reading of the proposed bylaws amendments will be at the April 6, 2021 monthly meeting via ZOOM. The proposed changes can be viewed at the “online newsletter” page which can be found at the “For Members” dropdown box.

New Zoom meeting link

For security protocols required by Zoom, a new link has been established for logging into the upcoming March 2nd monthly meeting. The url and passwords are available in the current issue of News & Views, which can be viewed on…