Letter to the Editor

Bob McNulty wanted to share his Letter to the Editor printed in the Lexington Herald.

The US Postal Service has never been more valuable than now as Letter Carriers deliver checks, letters, medicine, and packages 6-7 days/week to every residential and business address in Central Kentucky during this Covid 19 Pandemic. Daily delivery to all 160 Million addresses in USA happens despite possible viral exposure to carriers. For an institution that is trustworthy and rated most satisfactory Government Agency, US Postal Service, has been around before the US Constitution, and has survived without taxpayer assistance since 1980, until now. Due to the tremendous loss of revenue because of the Covid 19 crisis, USPS needs financial stimulus support from Congress. Now is NOT the time to allow possible suspension of US Mail delivery because of the dramatic loss of funds. This writer urges all citizens who read this to contact our US Senators, McConnell and Paul, and your US Representative to fund US Postal Service now and after this crisis. Thousands of jobs would be lost in the Commonwealth. Over 640,000 jobs would be lost nationwide, and over $1 Trillion if US mail is allowed to cease to exist!