Reception and Open House

We had hoped to have an open house and reception for President Rolando on Saturday Evening, but unfortunately his travel arrangements would not accommodate that. On Sunday Afternoon at the Branch 361 Union Hall, President Rolando will give a short talk on what the Postal reform legislation means for the future of the Postal Service and the National Association of Letter Carriers. After that he will be available for a short meet and greet period before returning to the airport for his flight back to Washington.

The schedule for the truncated Reception and Open House will be:

President Rolando’s talk                                                    3:30 pm

Reception and Open House                                               3:45 to 5:30

President Rolando will leave as necessary to make his flight time.

If you are interested in attending the Reception – Open House you must RSVP by March 4th to:

                   President Denise Preston                     859-221-2854

                   Vice-President Zed Waltz                      859-779-4079

                   Secretary Crystal Smith                         859-396-8648

Light refreshments will be served. There will be a capacity limit on attendance. Masks

will be required except when eating or drinking. Location is 1101 Red Mile Road.